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In 2002, Dr. Majed Hassan searched for a cost-effective, occupational medicine, examination platform that could be implemented into his practice and offices. Unfortunately, after finding and trying several expensive, frustrating options, Dr. Hassan was no closer to improving his offices’ profitability or decreasing the level of his staffs’ stress level.

He realized if he wanted the correct software, he would develop it himself through his 40-plus years of medical experience and knowledge. Throughout the next twelve years, Dr. Hassan invested extensive time and money into his own proprietary software – known as eWebDR.

Today, eWebDR is the platform that powers Xpressexam.

Xpressexam is becoming leader in DOT Examination and Occupational Medicine software, today. Built to improve the many expensive and difficult hurdles typical Electronic Medical Record (EMR) pose for staff and offices, Xpressexam helps transforms your DOT Examination process and Occupational Medicine practice into a highly-productive profit center and aids in relieving the hassle of costly, unfriendly software solutions.

Below are some of the benefits of using Xpressexam.

Stay Organized

Access and create real-time reports to be delivered to patients and clients or archive for legal purposes.

Grow Your Practice

Looking to expand your practice with a profitable revenue stream? Xpressexam is the ideal solution to increase services to your current and new client base.

Easy to Use

With a simplified user interface, Xpressexam and its support staff allows user to quickly get up-to-speed and online. Within a short time an office can be trained and ready for their first or fiftieth examination.

Save Time

Using a fax and paper records are important for many offices. However, these methods are slowly being eliminated to improve efficiencies. Xpressexam helps to transition offices with streamlined processes resulting in a happier staff and accurate record keeping.

Build and expand a profit center within your practice
while improving staff efficiency!

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